Woman opens fire at Dallas Love airport and is shot by police

(CNN) —A woman allegedly fired multiple shots into the air at Dallas Love Airport in Texas on Monday before police shot and took her into custody, authorities said.

The incident began around 11 a.m. when a 37-year-old woman arrived at the airport and entered near the counters, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said. The woman then headed to the bathroom, then came out wearing a hoodie and pulled out a firearm, which she began to fire, apparently aiming at the ceiling, she said.

A police officer at the scene shot her in the lower extremity and she was taken into custody, Garcia added. Currently, she is in the hospital and no one else was injured, she completed her.

The incident caused chaos at the airport as people tried to flee. Michael Loewinsohn had just gotten off a flight from Denver and was on his way to baggage claim when chaos erupted.

“I saw a large number of people running from the security checkpoint and yelling ‘attacker,'” Loewisohn told CNN via Twitter direct message. rushed out a side door and started running away from the building.

Loewinsohn recorded a video showing several people sitting on the ground between the building and the track. “They just told us there was an attacker and we’re going to have to stay out for a while,” Loewinsohn said.

Images taken by CNN show several police vehicles and ambulances positioned at the airport entrance.

Police initially said they were investigating a report of shooting at the airport: “Dallas police are investigating and will update the media as information becomes available,” police said.

The Federal Aviation Administration it had also suspended takeoffs and landings From the airport.

Dallas Love Field Airport is located approximately 6 miles northwest of downtown Dallas and primarily serves Southwest Airlines, according to your website.

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