A spacewalk by two cosmonauts outside the International Space Station (ISS) had to be called off on Wednesday due to a battery problem in one of the suits, according to the US and Russian space agencies.

The US and Russian space agencies reported that two cosmonauts were forced to cut short their departure on Wednesday due to a battery problem in one of the suits. What happened after the electrical failure in the astronaut’s suit during the spacewalk? After two hours of walking, Oleg Artemiev reported anomalies in his suit’s voltage data, so he was instructed to return to the airlock as soon as possible. The cosmonaut reached the airlock and was directly connected to the Space Station’s power supply.

He then waited for his teammate Denis Matveev, to retrieve the equipment that was used during the start and for him to enter. The spacewalk was declared over after four hours. The situation was reported under control and without threats to the health of the astronauts. This was the seventh spacewalk for Oleg Artemiev and the third for Denis Matveev. Before the incident, they were able to install two cameras outside the station.

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