(CNN) — A US Navy team recovered a military aircraft from a depth of 2.8 kilometers in the Mediterranean Sea on August 3, after the aircraft was blown overboard during “unexpected bad weather” in July, according to a release United States Naval Forces Europe-Africa.

The plane was aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman when it went overboard on July 8, according to the statement.

The military service members who recovered the aircraft used a remotely operated vehicle to attach “specialized rigging and lift lines” to the plane while it was underwater. After securing the rigging, the recovery team attached a lifting hook to “lift the aircraft to the surface” of the ocean and “hoist” it onto the Everest construction vessel, a self-contained motorized vessel that can be used for various purposes in the ocean, according to the statement.

USS Truman Navy aircraft

The aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman arrives at the French Mediterranean port of Marseille in June 2022.

After the aircraft was retrieved from the depths of the ocean and placed on the Everest MPV, the team transported the aircraft to a “nearby military facility,” according to the statement. The aircraft will be transported from the military installation to the United States, the statement added.

The team that recovered the aircraft included service members from several different naval units, including members of Task Force (CTF) 68, the Naval Sea Systems Command Diving and Salvage Supervisor, service members assigned to the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, Naval Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic, and US Sixth Fleet, the statement said.

“The rapid response of the combined team … enabled us to conduct safe recovery operations within 27 days of the incident,” Lt. Cmdr. Miguel Lewis, US Sixth Fleet salvage officer, said in the statement. “Our bespoke task team operated safely and efficiently to meet deadlines.”

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