The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf ( is reporting that London, the horse ridden by Dutch rider Gerco Schroder to team and individual silver at the London Olympic Games, has been seized by Dutch government officials.

Schroder rode London to team silver on Aug. 6, and returned to jump off for individual silver on Aug. 8. 

London was previously owned by the company Eurocommerce, and, like many other horses, competed with the prefix Eurocommerce. A Dutch man named Ger Visser owns Eurocommerce, a real estate and construction company. Eurocommerce filed for bankruptcy in July. London and other Eurocommerce horses have gone through numerous ownership changes, all connected with Visser. reported Aug. 20 that London, Eurocommerce New Orleans and Eurocommerce Callahan are all back with Schroder to stay in training for the time being.