(CNN) — This fossil is a sight for lizard enthusiasts. Sotheby’s New York announced that it will auction the skeleton of a Gorgosaurus, a cousin of the T-Rex, later this month, and it is estimated to sell for up to $8 million.

This member of the tyrannosaur family roamed the earth about 77 million years ago and was an apex carnivore that resided in the western United States and Canada during the late Cretaceous period. Due to his T-Rex genes, he has similar features, including a huge head with dozens of sharp, curved teeth and two small front limbs. However, it was faster than a T-Rex and had a stronger bite force, according to Sotheby’s.

At 10 feet tall and nearly 25 feet long, the skeleton could fetch $8 million.

“As the master hunter of its time, in which it was believed to hunt in packs of four, Gorgosaurus was a dominant force and singular predator,” Sotheby’s said.

The huge fossil, which is 3 meters tall and almost 7 meters long, was discovered in 2018 near Havre, Montana, according to Sotheby’s. All other known Gorgosaurus skeletons are in museum collections, making this the only specimen offered for private ownership.

“In my career, I have had the privilege of handling and selling many rare and unique objects, but few have the ability to inspire awe and capture the imagination like this incredible Gorgosaurus skeleton,” said Cassandra Hatton, global director of science and popular culture. Sotheby’s, in a press release. “Excavated only a few years ago, a Gorgosaurus has never been offered for auction before, and the opportunity to share this dinosaur with the public for the first time is an immense pleasure and a highlight of my career.”

This is Sotheby’s second sale of a fossilized dinosaur skeleton. In 1997, the auction house sold “Sue,” one of the largest dinosaur fossils in history, for a whopping $8.36 million. That sale broke a record for the most valuable fossil sold at auction.

Dinosaur enthusiasts can visit the Gorgosaurus skeleton starting July 21 at Sotheby’s York Avenue galleries. It goes up for auction on July 28.

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