(CNN) — Federal Judge Bruce Reinhart raised Thursday the possible release of a heavily redacted version of Mar-a-Lago’s record affidavit.

The judge plans to hear more details from the Justice Department over the next week regarding the length of the document investigators want to keep confidential, as the affidavit outlines the investigative steps and methods that led to the need for the record.

Reinhart said he was not yet convinced that the entire affidavit should remain private to the public.

“I’m not prepared to determine that the affidavit should be completely sealed” based on the record it has now, Reinhart said, adding that there are “portions” that could be made public.

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Prosecutors will have a chance to propose edits and explain why each piece of information should be kept out of public view, Reinhart said. Those proposals are due Thursday.

Reinhart noted that he could then have additional confidential discussions with the Justice Department before making his decisions on transparency.

Earlier Thursday, Reinhart said he would disclose some other procedural documents that are currently sealed in the search warrant file.

According to the judge’s comments, the documents presented are the Department of Justice’s motion to seal the warrant documents, the order granting the sealing request, and the criminal cover sheet.

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