Due to the drought whose effect increases every day in 7 US states in the western US, new restrictions are applied to the use of water. Reduces the water level in the Colorado River due to climate change, which is the largest reserve in the country and the dangerous level in the amount of water in the lakes of Mead and Powell Dams caused new restrictions on the consumption of water in the southwestern states of the country.

USBR, the US Bureau of Control has declared that the Lower Colorado River Basin is at the level of drought classified as ‘Level 2’, therefore the 7% restriction will be applied to Mexico from where the river passes through this territory before to reach the sea, 8% to Nevada and 21% to Arizona.

The head of the Office of Control Camile Touton has pronounced: “The system is approaching an irreversible point and we cannot protect the system without getting started. Protecting the system is protecting the people of Western America.”

The water of the Colorado River about a century ago was shared between 7 American states and according to the convention half of the river belongs to the states of the Upper Basin (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico) and the other half to the states of the Upper Basin. Lower Basin (California, Arizona and Nevada).

Mexico, for its part, had the right to have a small portion of the use of the water from the river that joins the ocean passing through its own territory. Experts draw attention to the fact that in the western United States, due to climate change, the ‘mega drought’ of the last 500 years has occurred since the last 2000 years.