The announcement by the United States Navy to carry out naval exercises in the adjacent seas and “important operational areas of the international ocean” has raised concerns about the phenomenon of drug trafficking and its impact on the security of our region. It is well known that international waters are used by criminal organizations for drug trafficking and other illicit activities. These groups use boats and submarines, as well as unmanned aircraft and other innovative methods to evade detection and control.

Drug trafficking is not only a threat to the security and stability of our region, but it also has serious consequences for the health and well-being of our society. Illicit drugs finance violence and terrorism and undermine trust in our institutions and the rule of law.

That is why we must take urgent measures to address this problem and work together to protect our waters and ensure the security of our region. This may include collaboration with other countries and the international community, improving our surveillance capabilities, and strengthening our laws and prevention measures.

We cannot allow international waters to become a lawless territory where criminal organizations act with impunity. We must unite and take decisive action to address this serious problem. This also means working closely with the United States Navy and other international actors to coordinate efforts and ensure that our sovereignty and interests are respected.

In addition, we must remember that the fight against drug trafficking is not just a security problem, but also requires a broader approach that addresses the underlying causes of drug trafficking. This includes working on reducing the demand for drugs, supporting sustainable development and the creation of legitimate economic opportunities, and strengthening our institutions and our rule of law.

In conclusion, the fight against drug trafficking is a shared responsibility that requires collaboration and commitment from everyone. We must work together to protect our waters and ensure the security and stability of our region.