(CNN Spanish) –– The United States Department of State released a report on Wednesday in which it points to 60 people from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua for “significant corruption.”

The list includes congressmen, former officials, businessmen, civil servants, judges, prosecutors, among others, who were sanctioned for alleged obstruction of corruption investigations and for undermining democratic processes.

The statement added that these people are not admissible to the United States and cannot apply for visas.

For the moment, the Honduran Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it rejected the document and described it as “interfering” and “politically motivated.” He also asked for non-intervention in his sovereignty.

CNN has contacted the Government of El Salvador for comment on this report and is still awaiting a response. From that country were included, among others, two officials from the Presidency and a congressman from the ruling party.

In the case of Nicaragua, officials from the Judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office were included, who are accused of carrying out trials of opponents without guarantees of due process.

Both institutions have not yet responded to CNN’s request for a reaction.

The Government of Guatemala has not commented on this. Several businessmen and at least two judges of the Supreme Court of Justice appear on the list. CNN contacted the Foreign Ministry of that country and is still waiting for a response.

Merlin Delcid and Michelle Mendoza contributed to this report

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