The minor had gone to court to seek exemption from a state law that requires the consent of a parent or guardian to have an abortion.

A Florida appeals court has ruled that a 16-year-old girl is not “mature” enough to have an abortion after she petitioned a trial court to terminate her pregnancy. State law would force her to have the baby.

The minor, who “is almost seventeen years old and has no parents”, but does have a “designated guardian” – according to an appeal filed in Escambia County – had gone to court to request exemption from a state law that requires the consent of a parent or guardian to have an abortion, which was not granted.

According to local media such as Fox 6, Judge Scott Makar, of the Pensacola juvenile court, “discovered that the teenager did not adequately articulate her request.” According to the judge’s ruling, the young woman “had not established clear and convincing evidence” that she was “mature” enough to decide whether to have an abortion.

“Reading between the lines, it appears that the trial court wanted to give the minor, who was under stress due to the death of a friend, additional time to express a deeper understanding of the consequences of terminating a pregnancy,” he wrote. Judge Makar in his appeals court order.

“This makes sense given that the minor, at least at one point, says she was open to having a child, but then changed her mind after considering her inability to care for a child in her current position in life.” The magistrate.

In the court documents to which EFE had access, it is realized that the teenager, presented as Jane Doe 22-B, currently has a legal guardian and aspires to a certificate for high school students known as the General Educational Development Test ( GED, for its acronym in English). The program is designed to help young women who have experienced “trauma in their lives” and provides educational support and advice.

On July 1, a new law came into force in Florida that prohibits abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions such as the mother’s life being in danger if the procedure is not performed. Exceptions do not include cases of rape or incest.

This state is among the six that require health care providers to notify and seek consent from parents or legal guardians if a minor attempts an abortion.

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