Whether through Google Play or the App Store, these applications are among the first places for downloads, according to the specialized platform Apptopia.

The number 5 position belongs to the application: CapCut, a good free video editing tool, which registered 169 million downloads between January and June.

In position number 4 is: Snapchat, the social network with the best filters, for which it registered 174 million new users during the first half of the year.

In position number 3 is: WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service in the world that does not stop incorporating new functions and packages, the app that had nearly 220 million downloads.

The number two position corresponds to: Instagram, the social network most criticized lately for wanting to impose the style of Tik Tok, registered 280 million downloads.

And finally, in the number 1 position we can find: Tik Tok, the revelation app led in recent years, which registered 317 million downloads worldwide so far in 2022.

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