(CNN Spanish) — The increase in prices in the United States does not let up and you may be wondering how convenient the city in which you live is. To help you answer that concern, we give you here a first input: the list of the most expensive cities in the country.

New York is the most expensive city in the United States, according to the cost of living and income index of the Numbeo data analysis site. Three Californians follow: Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Oakland. In fact, the presence of California is the most prominent in the ranking, since five of the 10 most expensive are in that western state.

The Numbeo values ​​taken as a reference combine two indices: the cost of living and the income. The cost of living is based on the prices of consumer goods that include groceries, restaurants, transportation and utilities. The rent adds to the equation the cost of rents.

With these data, this is the list of the most expensive cities:

  1. New York (New York)
  2. Santa Barbara, Calif.
  3. San francisco California)
  4. Oakland, Calif.
  5. Honolulu (Hawaii)
  6. Santa Clara, Calif.
  7. Boston (Massachusetts)
  8. Seattle (Washington)
  9. San Jose (California)
  10. Washington (District of Columbia)

If the cost of living without rent was taken into account, New York would drop to third place and Honolulu and Santa Barbara would lead the list, although with insignificant differences. However, the city climbs to first place because it has the most expensive rent index in the country.

Correlation between the most expensive cities and states

At the state level, a certain correlation can be observed. According to the CMissouri Economic Research and Information Center, the five most expensive states in the country (taking the District of Columbia as independent) are Hawaii, the city of Washington, New York, California, and Massachusetts.

How to compare the cost of living

If you are considering moving and looking for places where the cost of living is lower, you can enter this CNN online calculator that allows you to compare what is paid between two cities in several disaggregated categories and in general terms.

The comparison is made based on the figures of the Cost of Living Index and updated to 2021.

Inflation remains at record highs

In June, inflation again reached a maximum in more than 40 years. Consumer prices rose 9.1% year over year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, higher than economists expected.

Much of the increase was explained by the price of gasoline, which grew almost 60% in one year, but there were also increases in categories such as food and electricity.

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