Teenager survives flood in Kentucky and saved his dog

(CNN) — Chloe Adams, 17, survived Thursday’s flooding in Kentucky and saved her dog by swimming to a neighbor’s roof, where she sat for several hours before being rescued.

Terry Adams, the teenager’s father, told CNN his daughter was at her home in Whitesburg, Kentucky, when the flash flooding began. Adams said his daughter saved her dog by putting it in a plastic container and swimming with it to a nearby roof.

Chloe lives with her grandfather, but they were separated when torrential waters made it impossible for Chloe to reach her grandfather, her father said. The family took refuge in her uncle’s house while Chloe had to wait to be rescued.

“My daughter is safe and sound tonight,” Adams posted on Facebook. “We lost everything today…everything except what matters most.”

According to Adams, her daughter was rescued by a man who used his kayak to save the teenager and her dog. Chloe’s grandfather also escaped unharmed.


Photo of Chloe Adams sitting on the roof of a house while waiting to be rescued.

Adams shared a photo with CNN, which showed her daughter and her dog sitting on the roof of a house while everything around them was under several feet of water.

Chloe told CNN that she is still in shock and processing everything that happened. She recorded a video of what she saw while waiting on the roof which shows Chloe and her dog sitting on a small section of roof that is mostly underwater as it is surrounded by flood waters.

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