(CNN) — Some daily record high temperatures were set Tuesday and Wednesday in several states as extreme heat scorched the south-central US, part of a heat wave that further affected the country on Thursday.

Here are some of the records that were set on July 20 in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri:

• Lawton, Okla.: 43.8ºCmatching a record set in 2018.

• Abilene, Texas: 43.3ºCbreaking a record of 41.6ºC set in 1936.

• Del Rio, Texas: 42.2ºCbreaking the record of 41.1ºC set in 2009.

• San Antonio, Texas: 40ºC, breaking the record of 38.3ºC that was most recently equaled in 1996.

• Fayetteville, Arkansas: 39.4ºCbreaking the record of 38.8ºC set in 2012.

• West Plains, Missouri: 40ºCbreaking the record of 38.3ºC set in 1964.

• Springfield, Missouri: 39.4ºCequaling the record set in 2006.

Unprecedented heat wave hits the US 4:18

Here are some of the July 19 record highs set in Texas and Oklahoma:

• Wichita Falls, Texas: 46.1ºCbreaking a record of 44.4ºC set in 2018

• Borger, Texas: 43.8ºC, breaking a record of 42.7ºC set in 2018

• Abilene, Texas: 43.3ºCbreaking a record of 42.2ºC set in 1936

•Oklahoma City: 43.3ºCbreaking a record of 42.7ºC set in 1936

• Amarillo, Texas: 42.2ºCbreaking a record of 40.5ºC set in 2018

• San Angelo, Texas: 42.2ºCequaling a record set in 2018

• El Paso, Texas: 41.6ºCequaling a record of 40.5ºC set in 1980

• Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas: 41.1ºCbreaking a record of 40.5ºC from 1914, 1923 and 1951

• Midland International Air & Space Port in Midland, Texas: 40.5ºCequaling a record from 1981 and 2018

•Houston: 37.7ºCtying a record set in 2000.

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