Is it a floating volcano? Is it a pyramid ship? Or a fire fleet?

Design studio M51 has recently unveiled its new design of a 262-foot (80-meter) luxurious superyacht that looks like a floating volcano, as reported first by Interesting Engineering. 

Mount Vesuvius served as the inspiration for the opulent superyacht known as Forge. Its shape is meant to resemble the outline of a volcano on the water. The obsidian black and angularly crisp orange decks of the pyramid-shaped superstructure serve to realize this.

Mount Vesuvius Inspired

The design is called Forge, an opulent superyacht that was influenced by Mount Vesuvius, which is located above the Bay of Naples on the plain of Campania, Southern Italy.

The outline of a volcano on the lake is what its design is meant to evoke. The obsidian black, pyramid-shaped superstructure and angular, sharp-edged orange decks serve to realize the vision of Mount Vesuvius fully.

Forge provides a huge 1,750 GT of space with a beam of 41 feet. According to Anthony Glasson, the superyacht’s designer, the interior has been kept very simple to balance its flamboyant appearance.

However, the ship offers a plethora of organic materials and chic modern furniture. After all, it is not a luxurious ship for no reason.

The Forge has top-notch amenities. The vaulted ceilings in the ship’s design uniquely combine its inside and outside spaces, according to Interesting Engineering.

Full Vacation From The Outer World

The concept superyacht also boasts a private panoramic glass ceiling in the master suite, which is made possible by the ship’s pyramid superstructure, allowing visitors to stargaze in bed. 

Meanwhile, on the foredeck of Forge, you will find a helipad and a walkaround bridge deck with a molten staircase that leads to a pool and wellness area. 

Along with the full-beam tender garage, which has both port and starboard hatches for deployment, the superyacht design also includes a sensory deprivation tank, which is supposed to give guests a full vacation from the outer world. 

The superyacht Forge was built by M51 Concepts to be exploration-ready. It features an Ice Class hull and a hybrid diesel engine, which should give the ship a cruising range of 5,000 nautical miles!