Those prone to losing their keys perhaps invest in a key finder device, or establish a designated storage spot in their home to prevent a stressful search.

But not Brandon Dalaly.

The Metro Detroit man instead opted for a more direct solution: He got a chip implanted in his hand that has the power to unlock his car.

Now, Dalaly can unlock his Tesla with the wave of a hand — when he’s near the vehicle, of course. The implanted chip can also start the car from the inside.

“You can’t lose your hand, so you’ll always have a way of getting in your car,” Dalaly said.

You can see some of the implantation process in the video player above.

Dalaly, a self-described tech nerd, says he isn’t necessarily a Tesla superfan; he’s just a huge fan of technology. And the man isn’t new to getting microchip implants for the sake of convenience.

In the man’s other hand is a chip that can unlock the front door to his house. That chip also stores Dalaly’s contact and medical information, like his COVID-19 vaccinations.

What do you think: Is this the way of the future? Or are there better solutions for constantly losing your keys?