(CNN Spanish) — The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, criticized this Friday that the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, authorized state security forces to return undocumented immigrants to the border with Mexico.

“He is overreaching, it is not his responsibility, legally, to make that decision, it is something that has to do with the Federal Government in the United States,” López Obrador said in his traditional morning press conference, adding that he considers it to be a political action.

“Since there are elections in November, then they look for sensationalism, sensationalism, they think that this way they will have sympathy from one party or another,” continued the Mexican president.

“They are not going to count on us, because even though we are respectful of the sovereignty of the countries, we do not see well that there are anti-immigrant campaigns for electoral purposes. I consider it immoral, political,” he added.

The Mexican president also said that he will ask voters of Mexican origin in the United States that “if there is a candidate or a party that mistreats migrants and mistreats Mexicans, we are going to ask our countrymen to help us there so that they do not vote by those parties or by those candidates”.

“Do not forget what is said in the song by Rubén Blades, who does not love his country, does not love his mother,” López Obrador added.

Abbott had not spoken publicly this Friday about the criticism of the Mexican president.

This Thursday, the governor of Texas reported that he had authorized, through an executive decree, members of the state National Guard and agents of the Department of Public Safety to return undocumented immigrants to the border, according to a statement from your office.

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