Kourtney Kardashian Barker launches new vegan gummy brand Lemme just days after announcing new role as Sustainability Ambassador with Boohoo

Wellness influencer Kourtney Kardashian Barker has launched her vegan supplement brand, Lemme.

The first look at Kardashian Barker’s range features three wellness gummies formulated to help improve day-to-day living.

The three supplements include Lemme Chill, Lemme Focus, and Lemme Matcha.

Lemme Chill includes ashwagandha, a medicinal herb commonly used to treat anxiety, and is flavoured with mixed berries. Lemme Focus is a strawberry-flavoured gummy made with cognitive boosting ingredients such as organic lion’s mane mushroom, Cognizin Citicoline, and vitamin B12.

And finally, Lemme Matcha is an energy-boosting supplement harnessing the antioxidising benefits of organic matcha with additional B12.

Lemme’s vegan supplements are priced at $30 per bottle and are set to debut online on the 27th of September.

“She prioritized ingredients that were bioavailable and filled nutritional gaps”

In a statement, Kourtney revealed: “After years of struggling to find the right supplements, I embarked on a journey to create science-backed products that you would legitimately look forward to taking every day.

Additionally, Dr Thais Aliabadi, a board-certified physician specializing in women’s health and Lemme board member, added: “Kourtney has spent years working with a team of top scientists and specialists to create innovative formulations.

“She prioritized ingredients that were bioavailable and filled nutritional gaps in people’s diets.”

Kourtney Kardashian Barker joins Boohoo

Earlier this month UK-based fast fashion brand Boohoo revealed Kourtney had been appointed its new Sustainability Ambassador and the pair will be launching a ‘sustainable’ collection.

The collaboration will include a 46-piece limited-edition collection made which is said to be made from recyclable materials. It is reported that Boohoo will introduce ‘transparent practices’ for its shoppers to have a greater understanding of its apparel.

Despite its efforts, Boohoo’s announcement has already been dubbed as a ‘greenwashing‘ attempt as people are unable to look past the fast fashion brand’s notorious history of environmentally-damaging production of its clothes and mistreatment of its workers.

Kourtney’s new campaign will debut at New York Fashion Week as the UK brand attempts to crack the US market.