(CNN) — Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, the woman authorities say fled to Costa Rica after allegedly killing an elite professional cyclist and was missing for more than 40 days, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in a Texas court Wednesday. , according to CNN affiliate KEYE.

Before appearing in Travis County District Court, Armstrong’s attorney, Rick Cofer, filed a motion for a speedy trial, according to court records.

Prosecutors argued that they have not received all the evidence, so it is too early to go to trial, according to KEYE. The next court date is scheduled for Oct. 19, according to the filing.

“Miss Armstrong wants her day in court. She wants a trial. And she heard the district attorney threatened sanctions for her desire for a trial. Of course, cases should not be prosecuted if prosecutors are not prepared to proceed, but we have some questions,” Cofer said Wednesday after court.

Cofer also said that a lot of information in the media is “just not accurate.”

“All I can ask the press here is not to consider everything the police told them as confirmed and reportable facts. In short, there is much more to the story than what has been heard,” added Cofer.

He further indicated that he will file motions to challenge the Austin Police Department’s conduct and investigation, and hopes this will be heard at trial in a court of law, according to KEYE.

CNN has reached out to Armstrong’s attorney, but has yet to hear back.

Armstrong, 34, is being held on $3.5 million bail. She is in the Travis County Jail in Austin, according to jail records.

Elite cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson was found dead May 11 with multiple gunshot wounds at a friend’s home in Austin, authorities said. She had told her friend that she was going for an afternoon swim with Colin Strickland, 35, a professional cyclist and Armstrong’s boyfriend. Strickland told police he and Wilson swam and had dinner, and he dropped her off at her friend’s house, according to an arrest affidavit in Travis County District Court.

Investigators have said that romantic jealousy could have been a motivating factor in the murder.

Strickland considered Wilson, 25, to be one of the best cyclists in the world, she told police, and a VeloNews article published on the day of her death called her “the winningest woman on the American off-road scene”. Wilson won a series of races in California this spring, the article notes, before traveling to Austin for a race.

Armstrong was captured in Costa Rica on June 29 and deported to the United States on July 2 to face a murder charge.

A spokesman for the US Marshals Service said earlier this month that authorities believed Armstrong used a close associate’s passport to go to Costa Rica and while there used various aliases while moving multiple times to a new location. city.

Armstrong was arrested for violating Costa Rican law for the fraudulent use of a passport, according to Brandon Filla, a spokesman for the bailiffs.

Armstrong also faces an additional federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

CNN’s Steve Almasy, Rebekah Reiss and Raja Razek contributed to this report.

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