Herschel Walker, the Republican candidate in the Georgia Senate race, said Monday that the report that he paid for an abortion more than a decade ago was an “outright lie” and a “repulsive criticism.”

Walker publicly denied the report shortly after The Daily Beast published that he had paid for a woman’s abortion after they conceived a child while dating in 2009. The Daily Beast reported that the woman, who the outlet said asked to remain anonymous for privacy reasons , had substantiated those claims with a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic, a bank deposit receipt showing an image of a $700 signed personal check from Walker, and a “Get well!” card. which, according to her, had been written to her by Walker, who was not married at the time. The Daily Beast posted a photo of the card, which the outlet says is signed by Walker.

CNN has not independently verified The Daily Beast’s allegations.

“This is an outright lie, and I deny it in the strongest terms,” ​​Walker said in a statement posted on his verified Twitter account, calling the report “disgusting” and criticizing the Daily Beast’s reporting practices.

“Now, they’re using an anonymous source to further smear me,” Walker said. “They do anything to cling to power. It’s disgusting, vulgar politics.”

Walker is facing Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in one of the most competitive senatorial races in the country.

Walker, a first-time candidate for the office, a Republican backed by former President Donald Trump, has opposed abortion rights. Last month he stated that he would support a national ban on abortions after 15 weeks. In May he said that he supports a ban on abortion rights and that “there are no exceptions in my mind.”

In a statement on Twitter, Walker said he plans to sue The Daily Beast for what he said is a “defamatory lie” on Tuesday morning.

In an interview Monday night, Walker told Fox’s Sean Hannity that he did not know the woman making the accusation and had not seen the card. “I send so many, get well, I send so many of anything, but I can tell you right now that I’ve never asked anyone to have an abortion, I’ve never paid for an abortion, and it’s a lie.”

Asked if he remembered sending someone a check for $700, Walker said, “I send money to a lot of people. … I give money to people all the time because I’m always helping people.”

CNN has contacted Walker’s campaign for further comment on the matter.

On Monday night, Warnock said he had not yet read The Daily Beast’s report, dodging questions about how it might affect the election contest.

“I’ll let the experts decide how they think it will affect the race,” Warnock said. “But I have been consistent in my opinion that a patient room is too narrow and cramped a space for a woman, her doctor and her government. … And my opponent instead speaks of a ban at the national level without exceptions”.

Christian Walker, one of the sons of Herschel Walker, took to Twitter on Monday night, hours after Herschel Walker denied The Daily Beast report, to attack his father and launch a series of accusations against him. “I don’t care if someone has a bad past and takes responsibility. But how dare you lie and act like you’re a ‘righteous, Christian, moral man’?” Christian Walker tweeted.

“You are not a ‘family man,'” Christian Walker said in another post.

On Tuesday morning, Christian Walker posted a new video on Twitter saying that he is fed up with what he called his father’s lies and that conservatives should be concerned about what he described as his father’s deceptions.

“I’ve shut up lie after lie, the abortion card dropped yesterday. It’s literally her handwriting on the card. They say they have receipts, whatever. She goes on Twitter. She lies about it. Okay, that’s enough. Enough. It’s all been a lie,” Walker said.

Herschel Walker has spoken frequently on the campaign trail about Christian Walker, the son he and his ex-wife had together and raised with Walker’s current wife. Christian is a declared conservative on social media.

When asked for a statement, Herschel Walker’s campaign pointed to a tweet the Senate candidate sent Monday night that read: “I love my son no matter what.”

Christian Walker ended his series of tweets Monday night by writing, “I’m done.”

national support

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has been in contact with the Walker campaign for the past 24 hours, working with their advisers as they deal with the impeachment against Walker.

A person familiar with the matter said Committee Chairman Rick Scott was scheduled to speak with Walker by phone on Tuesday morning. Walker has strongly denied the allegation.

For now, the GOP’s senatorial campaign arm is waiting to see what else emerges from Walker’s son, Christian, who has publicly accused his father of lying about being “a family man” in a series of late-night posts. on social networks and in a video shared this Tuesday morning.

In late September, the NRSC announced an $8.5 million joint advertising purchase with the Walker campaign.

NRSC spokesman Chris Hartline told CNN that “Democrats are losing in Georgia and about to lose their majority, so they and their media allies are doing what they always do: attack Republicans with innuendo and lies”.

Notably, Hartline did not echo Walker’s claims about the most recent allegations he faces.

“Democrats and the media have tried to expose nonsense about what has and hasn’t happened in Herschel Walker’s past,” Hartline said.