Allen Weisselberg has pleaded guilty to years of company conspiracies in tax matters. The 75-year-old, who worked a long time for former President Donald Trump, will receive a sentence of five months in prison, five months of probation and a fine of two million dollars.

This Thursday, August 18, the authorities announced that Allen Weisselberg, the former financial director of the Trump Organization, admitted his guilt in a long-standing fraud scheme carried out by the tycoon’s company.

The 75-year-old executive, considered one of Donald Trump’s most faithful ‘soldiers’, finalized an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to be sentenced to five months in prison, a five-year term of probation and a payment of around two million dollars.

In exchange, he pleaded guilty to the 15 charges for which he was charged, which include tax fraud, conspiracy and false documents. He admitted that, in total, he pocketed $1.7 million tax-free.

While he also gave his commitment to testify -if necessary- during the trial for tax fraud that falls against the Trump Organization and that will begin on October 24.

Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg said in a statement that “Weisselberg admitted in court that he used his position to defraud taxpayers and enrich himself” and this “directly implicates” the company “in a wide range of criminal activities.”

The lawyer stressed that the testimony of the former financial chief will have “incalculable value” for future litigation against the Trump Organization, whose investigations are still ongoing.

Trump’s firm was targeted last summer for operating for more than 15 years in a tax evasion scheme, where executives were illegally paid compensation so they could reduce their tax payments.

As Wisselberg acknowledged, these people received smaller salaries – which lowered their taxes – and, on the other hand, received compensation that was not properly notified, such as accommodation, tuition for private schools and cash payments.

This case is a consequence of the numerous investigations that surround the Trump Organization, but the former president of the United States is not involved in any -for now-, who does have inquiries for personal business, actions as a president and after his time in the White House .

Trump has an investigation into his company’s business practices, something for which he had to testify before the New York Attorney General’s Office, but remained silent.

While it is also followed by lawsuits related to the attack on the Capitol in January 2021 and recently the FBI searched his Florida mansion looking for classified documents that he allegedly extracted when he left power.

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