Central California police say they are investigating the disappearance of 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes, last seen leaving a store in early August, as a criminal matter.

On the night of Aug. 6, Fuentes attended a family gathering and headed home overnight to collect some belongings, Selma Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz said. She stopped at a local store and was seen on surveillance video making a purchase and leaving in her car, a silver 2011 Hyundai sedan.

His family reported him missing on Sunday night, August 7.

“At this time, there is nothing to cause us to believe that a criminal act has occurred, however, Ms. Fuentes has been missing for a long time, and this is not normal behavior for Ms. Fuentes, so we are. treating it as a criminal matter,” Alcaraz said at a news conference last week.

A ping on Fuentes’ cell phone led them to an area north of Selma, Alcaraz said.

“We were able to determine that Ms. Fuentes’ phone traveled through the city of Sanger and into the Avocado Lake and Pine Flat area,” he said.

His family says he has visited the area in the past, so investigators are focusing on that wide swath of Fresno County.

The Fresno County Sheriff, the Fresno Police Department and the FBI are part of the search for Fuentes, Alcaraz said.

Adventures with Purpose, the dive group that helped authorities find the body and car of missing teen Kiely Rodni earlier this month, has joined the search for Fuentes.

“For us, it is a blessing and an honor to have them here. They are a tremendous group of men and have been very compassionate to my family, and we are so grateful that they are here taking their time,” said Fuentes’ aunt, Sandra Archuleta, a CNN affiliate KFSN on Friday.

Selma has a population of 24,400 and is about 17 miles southeast of Fresno.