A Hispanic student is among the 5 finalists of the 2022 Doodle for Google contest

(CNN Spanish) — A fifth grade student of Latino origin is one of the finalists in the Doodle for Google 2022.

Anamirel Campos, a fifth-grader at Mispillion Elementary School in Milford, Delaware, is one of five Doodle for Google Contest Finalists 2022, a contest to design a doodle for the search engine home page. For this year the theme of the contest is personal care.

Campos was chosen as a finalist after a public vote among 54 state winners and will continue in the competition to choose the national winner, which will be announced on August 4.

“I take care of myself spending time with my family. They have taught me many things, but I can’t write them all, so I drew my family on a blanket. I love my family!” Campos said in a statement about his drawing, in the that his family appears together. Now the minor is a finalist with her drawing “The family will always take care of you.”

Doodle for Google

The Doodle for Google contest aims to encourage students in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands to get creative and create a Google logo. In addition, the contest offers the opportunity for contestants from schools from kindergarten to high school to exhibit their artistic productions on Google.com and win prizes.

This year, the theme was “I take care of myself”, a current topic after a pandemic that has affected the physical and mental health of many people. And because students, in particular, have been affected by the way they learn after two years of pandemic closures, the contest wanted students from all schools to draw pictures.

The winning artist of the contest will receive a US$30,000 university scholarship and their school will receive a US$50,000 technology scholarship. The winner will also see her work on the Google home page for one day.

These are the five national finalists

Edison Lee, Maryland.


Dreaming of my bright future
I take care of myself dreaming of my bright future. In my dreams, I can be whatever I want!

Edison is part of the category Preschool to 3rd grade

Edison Lee, Maryland, for Doodle4Google.

Anamirel Campos, Delaware

The family will always take care of you
“I take care of myself by spending time with my family. They have taught me many things, but I can’t write them all down, so I drew my family all on a blanket. I love my family!”

Anamirel is part of the 4th to 5th grade category.

Faridah Ismaila, Pennsylvania


my self love
I take care of myself making food! I love to prepare delicious African dishes with my mom. That’s why my Doodle shows me smelling all the delicious African dishes that I LOVE!

Faridah is part of the category of 6th to 7th grade

Grace Dai, Missouri

The health life cycle

I take care of myself being outdoors, especially with my family or my sketchbook. My optimism and mental health skyrocket when I’m outside, because self-care is like nature; Both are beautiful and intricate systems. Just as a bee pollinates a flower or a bird hunts a worm, personal care should be as systematic and natural as life itself.

Grace is part of the category of 8 to 9 grade.

Sophie Araque-Liu, Florida

I’m not alone
I take care of myself by accepting that others care about me. I often have a hard time carrying a load on my own and forget that I have so many people, like my mom, who care about me and want to help me. Opening up and letting others support me not only relieves my stress, it allows me to tackle things I could never do on my own.

Sophie is part of the category of grade 10 to 12.

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